4 Corner Bed Canopy Mosquito Net for Queen/King Sized Bed

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When you're sleeping you want to feel safe and protected from mosquito bites. Worry no more with this Queen/King size mosquito net.

The bi-parting net is ideal for keeping flying bugs away from you while you're sleeping at night or resting during the day.

The large size net with micro mesh can also be used as protection outdoors or when camping. Set up in the back garden and you can sit out in the evening and relax.


  • The mosquito net is 190x210x240cm when unfolded
  • Packs down easily for storage or travel
  • Accessories for attaching to the ceiling or bed frame included
  • 100% polyester micro mesh 
  • Perfect for when you're travelling or need to pack tightly in a rucksack

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