Mosquito nets for bedMozzieGo supplies a range of mosquito nets and canopies to protect you and your family from harmful mosquito bites. Whether you're after mosquito protection or design inspiration, we have a range of nets that suit your taste and budget.

Based in Melbourne, Australia and with a global distribution network, we supply only strong, reliable and durable nets, keeping costs to a minimum by only selling online. We pass the savings on to you!

Along our journey we've gotten to know many happy customers, gained their trust, and refined our product range based on their feedback. We're confident we sell only the best nets and canopies available on the market today.

Why MozzieGo nets are the number 1 best selling mosquito nets!

Strong mosquito net meshMozzieGo mosquito nets consist of hexagonal mesh at 75 Denier. What does this mean?

There are two kinds of mesh when it comes to mosquito nets - diamond or hexagonal mesh. WHO (the World Health Organization) recommends hexagonal mesh as it is a tighter weave and affords more tensile and tension. 

For mosquito netting, the fabric must be more than 50 Denier (Denier is a measure of the thickness of the fibres). Some manufacturers use 25 Denier, but this makes the fabric too light so it doesn't hang down naturally, and tears easily.
Because the fabric itself needs some weight to hang down vertically, 50 Denier or more is recommended. All MozzieGo nets use 75 Denier, exceeding the recommended strength and allowing the fabric to hang naturally. 

The team at MozzieGo is here to help you make the right choice when it comes to netting to best suit your needs. Use our form on the webpage to contact us for any queries you may have!