Top 5 Bedroom Designs: What’s Hot Right Now?

Your bedroom should be somewhere you instantly feel relaxed. With recent events, it’s likely you’ve had to double its use as a home study so now is the time to revamp it and make your bedroom a unique place to unwind. Here are the top five bedroom design ideas that are trending:

  1.   Striking bedroom interiors

Having been confined for so long during the pandemic, nature-inspired designs are hot right now so bring the outdoors inside with botanical-themed bedding, wallpaper or curtains. As well as the décor, create a focal point in your bedroom that draws your eye as soon as you walk inside. Opt for a large headboard with character or a beautiful canopy draped over your bed. Increase your space and avoid clutter with a well-thought-out design that includes hidden storage.

Bedroom design ideas

  1.   Colour trends for interior design

Gone are the muted tones that were previously favoured for a tranquil bedroom setting. Colourful palettes and bold patterns are now on trend and are the perfect way to reflect your personality. Choose a few select pieces to stand out and catch your eye, such as the bedding, curtains, rugs and lampshades. Opt for a bed canopy that provides a wonderful contrast to the rest of the bedding, both in colour and texture.

  1.   Cute nursery designs

Wooden accents and abstract designs are all the rage for a cute nursery design. Wood adds a feeling of warmth to the room and continues with the trending nature theme for bedroom designs. Consider a wooden cot, a woven changing basket and a rocker with wooden feet. Abstract touches add interest and colour so hang up an unusual piece of wall art or brighten up your little one’s canopy with some fun decorations.

  1.    Themed bedroom styles for boys

As well as for sleeping, your boy’s bedroom is a place for playing and letting his imagination run wild. Be creative with his bedroom’s design and transform an ordinary space into a unique one with a themed bed and décor. Why not add a tipi-style play tent where he can have hours of fun in a little hideaway.

Bedroom design for girls

  1.   Ideas for girls’ bedrooms

Create a dreamy room filled with soft textures, pretty colours and accent lighting. Princess themes are still very much in vogue so, for magical appeal, surprise your little one with a stunning wall canopy. At night, she can fall asleep with the curtains pulled delicately around her bed.

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