Surge in mosquito numbers in Victoria

The City of Greater Geelong has started its annual mosquito treatment program.

Monitoring and treating large areas of wetland is under way in the region's known breeding areas of the insects.

There has been a surge in mosquito numbers around the municipality due to increased rain and milder temperatures over winter and spring which provide ideal breeding conditions.

Council's Director of Planning, Design and Development Gareth Smith says the Council are using sprays approved by the Australia Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for mosquito management.

“Our treatment program uses biological products which are targeted specifically at mosquito larvae, without adversely impacting people, other animals or the general environment,” he said.

Mr Smith said that mosquito numbers were likely to fluctuate over the season in response to environmental factors.

“Residents can help us to keep mosquito numbers down by keeping their pools, spas and fishponds maintained, as well as regularly removing water from blocked gutters, old pots, toys, bird baths or stagnant ponds around the home.”

“Plus make sure any openings to your rainwater tanks are covered with mesh,” he said.

Locals can also protect themselves from mosquito bites by wearing clothing that is light coloured and loose fitting, covering arms, legs and feet and using an effective insect repellent.

Council's mosquito management program will continue until March.

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