Reclaim Your Bedroom: Top Bedroom Design Trends to Inspire You

In the past 18 months, our homes have become hybrid spaces for work, sleep, exercise, study, and more. We had to share much of our space with our loved ones - even our bedrooms. But as offices and gyms reopen, it’s time to reclaim our personal spaces at home.

Start with your bedroom. Give it a fresh look by redecorating or renovating it. Restore its original function, and that’s to be your sanctuary—a place to rest and recuperate freely. If you’re unsure where to start, here are the top bedroom design trends today to inspire you.

Have a statement bed

At one point in the past year, your bed probably had to work as your office desk, too. It’s time to make it the focal piece in your room again. It should be the first thing you see as you step inside your room - and it shouldn’t remind you of work or anything that can trigger stress.

One thing you can do is invest in a statement bed. Go for a bed with striking patterns or vibrant colors. Tall beds with velvets and tufted or fluting detailing are trending this year. These beds will remind you of a hotel bed as they exude luxury and premium comfort.

Another option is to redecorate your existing bed. A simple, stylish mosquito bed net canopy can quickly elevate your queen or king-sized bed and drama to your room. Or you can add a luxury headboard or have your headboard reupholstered for a renewed look.

Embrace natural textures

Since people have been cooped up in their homes for months, interior designers expect bedroom design trends to feature natural elements. If you feel the same way, don’t hesitate to use earthy hues and textures as you redesign your bedroom. Rattan swings and baskets, wicker furniture, and macrame decors evoke a natural vibe. They can make your bedroom feel more comforting, especially if you haven’t gone on an outdoor holiday in a while.

Bring in botanicals

The trend of indoor plants was so popular last year. Of course, not everyone who tried their hand at gardening was successful. If you’re one of those people, you can still bring botanical elements to your bedroom. But this time, go for botanical fabrics and prints instead of plants.

Botanical art prints, wallpapers, and fabrics are pretty without being too feminine. They work well in your bedroom, whether it has modern, classic, or country interiors.

Go for minimalist details

The Marie Kondo effect has lived on, and it’s good. After all, it promotes decluttering and helps you refocus on things that truly matter. That’s especially beneficial when you have to deal with a chaotic and uncertain pandemic. So, it’s no surprise if minimalist details extend to your bedroom, too. Embrace a “less is more” attitude when purging your belongings and redecorating your space. Soft colours, natural light, negative spaces, and even line art can help create a calmer, more refreshed, and neutralized environment for your bedroom.

Add bold, thoughtful lighting

There’s nothing that can match natural lighting. But at night, you need something that isn’t too bright to keep you awake until the wee hours but is still functional to let you read or meditate before going to bed. Wall sconces are coming back to design trends to do that. They’re not only functional but also charming and beautiful. They can add drama or character to your bedroom—they’re your best option to use lighting to show your tastes.

Paint your bedroom walls with pastel tones

One simple way to update the design of your bedroom is to give your walls fresh paint. The trends for this year are earthy pastel tones. Think sage green, peach, moody blue, and warm brown. These pastels are both aesthetic and calming, making your bedroom more attractive.

You can also incorporate these earthy pastels through other furnishes like curtains, bed covers, or headboards. That way, your bedroom will look more cohesive and polished.

Achieve a Scandinavian-style bedroom

Think of an imperfectly made luxe bed in a room with a pastel or grey colour palette and wood accents warming the space. That’s how a bedroom with Scandinavian style usually looks. Recreate it in your bedroom by following most of the tips above—choose minimalist details, go for pastel colours, invest in a statement bed, and bring in botanicals and natural elements.

With these tips, you give your bedroom a break from serving as a sleeping area, workspace, gym, cinema, kids’ hangout area, and more. You deserve to reclaim your haven at home.

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