La Nina could trigger more mosquitoes as Ross River Fever cases rise in Queensland

South-east Queensland could see more mosquitoes this summer as cases of Ross River Fever rise across south-east Queensland.

Weather forecasters claim a La Nina weather event is likely to cause more rain over the coming months, which will create perfect conditions for more mozzie hatchlings.

Brisbane City Council Opposition Leader Jared Cassidy said more needs to be done to stop the biting bugs.

"What we're calling for are more resources, more bodies on the ground and more equipment," he said.
But Councillor Kim Marx told 9News Council will listen to the experts advice.
"The Lord Mayor has unlimited budget and unlimited resources," she said.
"If the entomologists say there's more mozzies on the way and we need to spray more, that's absolutely what we will do."
Already this year, 2128 cases of Ross River Fever have been recorded, compared to 935 for the whole of 2019.
Deagon resident Josephine Peat thinks she might've caught mosquito-borne disease while tending her roses earlier this year.
"My fingers and toes started hurting," she said. "It felt like they were swollen after I went for a walk but it was just constant and achy."
Ross River fever is caused by a viral infection, transmitted through mosquito bites.
People who are in contact with known mosquito habitats and who live in warm, humid climates near bodies of water will be most at risk of infection.

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