Buyers Guide: Mosquito nets for beds

Are you looking for a mosquito net for your bed? It's probably the most effective way of protecting yourself from mosquito bites overnight when you're vulnerable to attack and need extra insect protection.

Size is important

The size of your bed is your first consideration. Take a look at this handy bed sizes chart we've put together which will give you the dimensions of your bed in centimeters.

Mattress and bed sizes

Once you have an idea of the dimensions you're working with, whether it's single, double, queen or king, you can size your mosquito net accordingly.

Other considerations are the number of openings the mosquito net needs to have. Usually it's just the one, for easy entry and exit, but for two people sleeping on a bed, a more practical option is a net with two openings.

Finally, you need to determine the style and purpose of your mosquito net. To keep the mosquitoes away obviously, you say.

But there are choices.

You need to decide if it's a freestanding mosquito net you're after, something that will fit around the mattress or whether it's going to hang from the ceiling or bedposts (if you've got a four-poster bed). A mosquito net canopy can also be a great stylish choice, for both kids and adults, which serves as an effective mosquito net. Also, there are specific mosquito nets for cots and cribs, but we'll come to them later.

Freestanding mosquito nets

A good example is the Yurt-style mosquito net that sits on top of the mattress, or can be tucked under the mattress to keep it secure. The frame of the net holds it rigid so it forms a dome over the bed, protecting you from mosquitoes and other flying insects. The advantage of this form of freestanding mosquito net is that it is away from your face while you sleep. You can see examples here and the different size and style options. 

Dome mosquito bed nets

A round mosquito bed net that hangs from the ceiling makes sure you're protected when flying insects come visiting. Most cotton netting domes are large enough to cover a double bed, but check the dimensions of the top hoop and area the net covers when it reaches the bed (obviously depending how high your ceiling is). A king and queen size bed would need a larger net and a dome mosquito net might not be suitable. 

Bed canopies

Bed canopies are a fun solution for insect protection! Bed canopies are beautiful yet functional for protecting against mosquito bites. They also come in a range of colours to match any room, and you can add accessories with lights and baubles to make them a festive feature! Standing 240cms tall, ideally they hang above a single bed or cot, but can also hang in the corner of a room to create a reading nook or play space.

King and queen size protection

For insect protection on a grander scale you might want to consider a 4 corner bed canopy. A king size mosquito net with a bi-parting is ideal for keeping flying bugs off people when sleeping, camping or can be used for when prepping food for an outdoor event.

The number of openings is ideally suited for queen size and king size beds, allowing entry and exit on both sides of the bed.

Mosquito nets for cribs and cots

A mosquito net is an essential for new-born babies for protection while they sleep. Ensuring a snug fit over the crib so the mosquito or bug cannot get inside is the most important consideration for a mosquito net for a cot .

Alternatively a freestanding mosquito net that sits on the bed is handy for home and because it's portable can be easily carried when travelling.

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