Why pesky mosquitoes are plaguing the Swan River

Mosquitoes have been plaguing areas surrounding the Swan River this year in what locals have described as the “worst season ever”.

Three riverside councils are now working together to try and combat the mozzie issue.

Town of Bassendean Mayor Renee McLennan told 6PR’s Gareth Parker there has been a lot of mosquito activity this year.

“The weather conditions are ideal for mosquito breading, not only is there the heat, and there’s been some rainfall, but there has been some high tides,” she said.

The high tides create wetlands as the water recedes, with the stagnant water creating a “perfect breeding ground for the mosquitoes”.

The Town of Bassendean is working with the City of Bayswater and the City of Belmont to deposit larvicide into breeding sites throughout the wetlands.

“They are seeing a reduction in numbers now, and we should start to see less activity in the coming weeks.”

Ms McLennan says home owners also have a part to play by checking properties for any bodies of water.

“If there is stagnate water laying around, even small things like bird baths and pets drinking water can provide breeding grounds.”

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