Do you zap, trap or splat?

In the story of the Brave Little Tailor it was alleged the hero swatted seven flies with one blow.


Taking out his needle and thread, he stitched the achievement into his belt, and went on to conquer giants.

Ever since this landmark event in the evolution of pest control, humans have worked on ways to rid ourselves of tiny winged beasts.

It could be argued the tailor was onto something. A hefty blow can lay out a few critters at one time, and it's certainly an eco-friendly way of eliminating flies.

When it comes to mosquitoes however, their uncanny ability to be almost invisible makes this task significantly harder. And a mis-directed swing with a swatter invariably leads to the mosquito being blown away in the down-draft. Unless a precision hit is executed, the mosquito gets to fly away, live another day and silently mock you.

The art of killing mosquitoes lies in the power of attraction.

Lure them to their death.

You see, mosquitoes are attracted to a certain type of light. Being a night time bug, they use this light to navigate their way through their environment. This has led to a range of zappers being created that use UV light to snare them. 

You may be familiar with these zappers in food shops or takeaways, particularly in butcher shops, where it's essential to minimise the fly population. If you're going to invest in one, household varieties are usually limited to outdoors - and must be placed at least 10 metres from your home.

A more attractive option is a mosquito trap that uses UV light to draw mosquitoes in and then safely and effectively catches them, efficiently killing them by drying them out with an internal fan. One such trap is the MozzieGo USB mosquito killer lamp, which is not only an eco-friendly way to remove mosquitoes from your home but also can double as a handy night light should you need to guide your way in the dark. 

With no electric zapper to worry about (it's only 5V and powered by USB) the MozzieGo mosquito killer lamp is a safe UV alternative and is quiet enough to run in a bedroom without disturbing the occupants. It's also pet and child friendly as there are no emissions or chemicals involved.



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