16 Fun, Creative Bedroom Ideas for Your Growing Boy

Designing a boy’s bedroom isn’t a walk in the park. While you may want to forgo the superhero bedding and multiple stacks of toys, your son might have other ideas. It’s easy to cave into the requests of your little one, but keep in mind that his tastes are still evolving. So why don’t you try to meet in the middle with a design idea that is youthful yet stylish?

Here are 16 creative bedroom design ideas for boys that can inspire both of you:

1. Bring the great outdoors in with a camping-inspired bedroom

Is your son a nature lover? Does he enjoy the times the whole family went camping? Indulge him with a camping-inspired bedroom design. Go for rustic colours and pick stylish fabrics that add a woodsy touch. Finish the design off with a cool indoor tent for kids. After that, his bedroom will become a playful area where he can let his imagination run wild.

2. Go for a backdrop that resembles vibrant building blocks

If your son likes playing with building blocks and Legos, create a mural or pick a wall artwork that resembles his favourite toys. Pair that vibrant backdrop with a solid-coloured headboard and bedding to keep the room from being overstimulating. Even if your son’s taste in toys change in the next few years, that colourful backdrop will still look refined and stylish.

3. Create a mini-playground inside the bedroom

Got an action-loving boy who can’t stay still? Create a fun room and let your son spend most of his energy playing in his very own playground. Add a swing and a climbing wall into the room. Build a climbing net or rope ladder leading to his loft bed or a suspended hammock. Just make sure these elements are sturdy and safe—don’t forget to calculate the risk.

4. Replace his bed with a swinging bed

If you can’t (or are afraid to) build an inner playground in your boy’s bedroom, but your son still insists on the idea, here’s a compromise: a swinging bed. It adds a fun, whimsical element to the room while creating an ethereal environment that looks sophisticated. Consider hiring a contractor to ensure the bed is suspended safely from the ceiling.

5. Build a sleek sports-inspired bedroom

Give in to your son’s request for a sports-inspired bedroom. After all, there’s a way to achieve sports vibes without being clichéd or overly literal. Start with installing a sleek, graphic black-and-white wallpaper. Pair it with industrial-style overhead lighting or flush interior lighting. You can also go for polished wooden floors to keep the design sophisticated. Then, add a wall-mounted hoop, punching bag or a soccer goal net.

6. Be quirky with pastel hues

Does your son have a bright white wall in his bedroom? Keep that wall. You can add fun and quirkiness with pastel shades anyway. Show pastel options to your son, and then let him help choose the pastel curtains, rug, bedding and other decorative elements for his room.

7. Keep the tropical theme subtle

If your toddler son is fond of jungle animals or the beach, he’ll appreciate a tropical theme. But you don’t need to go all out with too many tropical elements. Sometimes, a striking pendant light, stuffed animal cushion pillows, wicker baskets, and a tiger rug can do the trick.

8. Design with a stylish forest theme

Who says a forest-themed room can’t be stylish? As long as you pick the right elements, you can turn your boy’s bedroom into a whimsical place that doesn’t look over the top. First, add a canopy bed. Then, match it with a chic black-and-white tree mural. With these two elements, your son’s bedroom can exude subtle vibes of Where the Wild Things Are.

9. Create a nautical-inspired bedroom that will last for years

A list of bedroom ideas for boys won’t be complete without a nautical-inspired design. It’s an easy way to create an adventurous space for your son. Think of bright blues on the bed frames and a navy blue accent wall with a big white steering wheel in the middle. The bedroom will look exciting, and you can easily rework it into a teenage space over time.

10. Use the toys as an accent

A kid’s room will undoubtedly have a lot of toys. If the room doesn’t have enough storage, keep the toys out in the open. All you need are shelves above the bed or study area to arrange the different toys neatly. That can easily prevent them from being an eyesore.

11. Decorate the room with books

Is your son a book lover? Install shallow shelves in his room to display his children’s books. That can look like a gallery wall, especially if the rest of the walls in the room a bare. You can also add a reading nook to encourage your boy’s love for reading.

12. Make room for games

Your son’s bedroom is potentially the spot where they’re going to play, too, especially if your house doesn’t have extra space for a separate play area. So as you decorate his room, make sure to clear some floor space for fun and games. Switch out any bulky furniture with modular pieces and go for wall-mounted storage options if you can.

13. Build a secret den

If you can extend your son’s bedroom or it already has enough space, why don’t you build a secret den? That’s a perfect area where they can play with trains and cars and keep the mess out of their sleeping area. Work with a good architect or contractor to achieve the best design and ensure all safety measures are taken for this space.

14. Add a pegboard wall

Inspired by workshops and garages, a pegboard wall is a great yet inexpensive feature in a boy’s bedroom. Add shelves and hooks to the pegboard and help your son hang his toy, sports accessories, and other belongings that show his passion. The pegboard wall isn’t only a great storage option, but it also doubles as a cool decor for your growing boy.

15. Put the bed on a raised platform

Another affordable way to update the look of your boy’s room is to put the bed on a raised platform. It’s also a brilliant way to add extra storage. Plus, a raised bed doesn’t feel overly childish, so it can age gracefully as your young son grows into his teenage years.

16. Go for wall stickers

Don’t want to commit to a total bedroom redecoration? Use wall stickers. A superhero or sports-inspired wall sticker adds doses of fun to your son’s bedroom. Wall stickers are easy to install and remove. You can easily switch it out as your kid gets older and finds a new passion. Wall stickers are also the most practical option if you’re renting for now.

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