15 Wonderful Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

Create Fun Spaces with These 15 Wonderful Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

Kids’ bedrooms are fun to plan and you can let your creativity run wild. With no need to achieve a sophisticated look, you can use bright colours, bold designs and innovative ideas for the furniture and décor. Be clever with the storage to maximise space and ensure the overall design is perfect for sleeping, studying and playing. Here are 15 wonderful kids’ bedroom ideas to give you inspiration.

1.Playing in the park

Kids love playing in parks so why not recreate their bedroom into their very own park! Paint the ceiling pale blue with fluffy clouds to look like the sky and cover the floor in green carpet to represent grass. Build a high bed with a ladder or climbing wall to get into it but, best of all, install a slide so your little one can have fun whizzing down it.

2. Adventures on a treasure island

Again, paint the ceiling in your kid’s bedroom as the sky but this time use yellow carpet or a yellow rug as sand. Paint a mural on the walls with a pirate ship and hang a cuddly parrot from the ceiling. Place a treasure chest in the room and fill it with your kid’s favourite toys.

3. Jungle fun

Decorate the walls with a fun tropical wallpaper or paint a mural with a jungle scene. Scatter animal-shaped cushions around the room and hang ‘vines’ with cuddly monkeys swinging on them. Include a couple of big leafy potted plants to add to the jungle vibe.

4. A nautical journey

Go all out with a boat-shaped bed set on a blue carpet so your little one feels like a captain! Drape netting across the walls and dot it with toy crabs, fish and a buoy. Fit a captain’s wheel at the end of the bed so your kid can navigate the seas. Choose a tall lamp in the style of a lighthouse and hang a seagull mobile or two from the ceiling.

5. A fairy tale dream come true

Your little princess will love a sheer canopy draped over her bed and you can decorate it with twinkling lights for a magical effect. Decorate the room in shades of pink and purple, using butterflies, fairies and flowers for wall art. Hang wreaths of dried or fabric flowers for an enchanted feel and stencil famous fairy tale quotes on the bedroom door and walls.

6. Race to the finish line

You’ll never get arguments at bedtime when your little racing car driver can climb into his very own car-shaped bed! Paint a racing track on the wall and hang curtains designed like chequered flags. Design the storage units to look like mechanics’ workbenches and add a rug that shows the finish line or tyre tracks on it.

7. Where the dinosaurs roam

Design the bed in your kid’s bedroom like the mouth of a dinosaur with an overhang of teeth at the top and teeth coming up from the foot of the bed. Use red bedding as the dinosaur’s tongue and paint the sides of the bed to resemble its head. Create a mural or use a large decal showing a dinosaur ripping through the wall and climbing into the bedroom. Hang a toy Pterodactyl from the ceiling, place dinosaur bookends on the shelves and use dinosaur-shaped hooks on the door and walls.

8. An underwater adventure

Paint the walls and ceiling blue and unleash your artistic skill as you recreate an underwater scene that includes a shark, colourful fish, some starfish and jellyfish, coral and seaweed as well as a sunken treasure chest. Use blue bedding with pictures of sea creatures on and hang a blue canopy over the bed.

9. Launch into space

As your little one gazes up at night, they’ll be mesmerised by glow-in-the-dark stars across the ceiling. Paint the walls with planets, moons, a spaceship and an astronaut. Use a projector lamp to show a moving galaxy across the ceiling and hang mobiles of different-sized planets. Fit a rocket-shaped headboard to the bed with a canopy of stars and fun bedding with pictures of aliens on.

10. Going on safari

Decorate a natural wooden bed with artificial vines and a canopy of leaves. Your little one can snuggle under animal print bedding and step onto a fluffy zebra-striped rug. Paint a colourful safari scene on the walls with elephants, lions, hippos and giraffes. Mount a 3D animal head on the wall and make a lion’s head cushion with a fringe all around it as its mane.

11. Treehouse fun

Who says treehouses are just for outdoors? When thinking about kids’ bedroom ideas, it’s fun to recreate a treehouse inside with a themed bed. Design it so that the sleeping area is high off the floor with a fun ladder or walkway to reach it and a window area at the side of the bed to peek through. Hang an indoor swing underneath it or to the side of it with rope and decorate the walls with greenery for a truly outdoor feel.

12. King of the castle

Design the bed with turrets so your little one can sleep in their very own castle. Hang plush velvet curtains and place a crown-shaped cushion on the bed. Set-up a play tent in the room so your young king or queen can invite the toys inside for a royal tea party.

13. Cartoon capers

As popular kids’ bedroom ideas go, favourite cartoon characters can change quite quickly so keep the walls fairly plain in case you need to switch to a new character. Instead, theme the bedding, curtains and accessories around your little one’s latest cartoon hero.

14. A hive of activity

Kids are full of energy so keep yours entertained with an activity wall. Add climbing bars to the wall or fit a colourful rock-climbing style wall for hours of fun.

15. Turn the storage into fun

Instead of using the pull-out bases of a storage bed to store bedding or clothes, transform one of the bases into a game area. Design a giant ready-made game on it and use the other pull-out section to store the play pieces in.

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