14 Nursery Design Trends to Watch

With last year well and truly behind us, it’s time to move on and prepare your nursery with a fresh look as you get ready for a brighter future! As you’ll spend many hours in the nursery with your baby, it needs to be a comfortable and calming haven for you both. Here are 14 nursery design trends to transform your space into the perfect nursery.

  1.       A natural vibe

Having been cooped up for so long, bring nature inside with well-chosen furniture, décor and accessories. Opt for a wooden cot, a wooden dresser and a rocker with wooden feet. Wood adds a feeling of warmth to your room and suits both traditional and modern tastes. Use botanical prints on your cushions and be sure to add a plant or two for added vibrancy.

  1.       The warm appeal of wood panelling

Not only does wood panelling add warmth but it’s a great way to make a statement wall in contrast with the rest of your nursery. Leave the panelling plain for a more natural vibe, paint it in one colour to complement the rest of the décor or go bright and bold when you paint it in various colours.

  1.       Delightful woven accessories

Continuing the natural theme, woven accessories enhance the overall look and induce a feeling of calm in the room. Look for a woven crib or changing basket, a wardrobe with woven door panelling and a woven rug when contemplating new nursery designs.

  1.       Glimpses of faraway travel

Whilst travelling to faraway destinations may not be on your agenda right now, you and your little one can dream of all the places you’ll visit together in the future. Recreate a safari theme in your nursery with wild animal bedding, an animal print rug and a wonderful 3D animal wall hanging.

  1.       A starry night

As night draws closer, you can rock your little one to sleep while gazing up at the stars. With no need to open the curtains, you can create a celestial theme in your nursery. Opt for wallpaper or large decals depicting moons, stars, planets or constellations. Decorate the canopy or wall with some lovely handmade stars.

  1.       Back down to Earth

Earthy colours are increasingly popular as nursery trends go. Just as wood adds a warm, natural vibe to your room, so do reddish browns and greens. From the cot bedding to the curtains and the rug, add earthy tones to be in line with the latest nursery designs.

  1.       Learning early

Just as you may have had to work from home recently, it’s worth getting your little one prepared early with a fun combination of learning and play in the nursery. Help them recognise colours with bunting decorations or add decals of the ABCs and numbers to the walls.

  1.       A fun mural

Go big and go bold with a fun mural on the nursery wall that will last far beyond the baby years. Whether it’s an under-the-sea adventure or a forest full of animals, you and your little one can enjoy hours of imaginative exploring. Help bring the scene to life with plush toys or a hanging ornament.

  1.       Abstract art

Plain is out and abstract is in for the latest nursery designs. Add a unique touch to your nursery with unusual shapes and patterns on your walls, curtains and rug.

  1.   Nordic elements

Nordic themes are trending for nurseries with the elements having simple, minimalist designs and a fresh, clean appearance. For a Nordic touch to your nursery, hang cute décor on the wall or your baby’s cot.

  1.   Clever lighting

The lighting you choose can transform the look of your nursery. An uplighter or corner lamp provides a cosy ambience in the evening while a statement light fixture can pull the overall theme of your room together. Help your little one doze off with a cute night light.

  1.   Convenient storage

A nursery has a lot of uses, including sleeping, feeding, playing and changing. All of this requires a lot of items and you need somewhere to store them to keep your nursery free from clutter and to retain that calm vibe. Consider a storage crib, a dresser, a storage ottoman and a toy chest.

  1.   Easy cleaning

Mess isn’t conducive to a calm environment so be sure to choose items that have easy-to-clean surfaces. Choose stain-resistant fabrics and removable covers that are machine-washable to make your life much easier.

  1.   A blue hue

Another popular nursery trend to bring the outdoor world into your room is the inclusion of blue. Whether you have blue painted walls, blue fabric over your furniture, a blue carpet or blue accessories, this lovely colour can remind you of a summery sky or the sparkling sea all year round.

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